Data Deduplication to Protect Your Digital Assets

Companies need to explore data deduplication as a means to cut business expenses. Backups and particularly remote data backup has been one of the most high-ticket items of a business budget. Advances can be made to processes and shrinking the budget from a successful data deduplication backup software package implementation. There are various ways that deduplication is implemented.

Single instance deduplication preserves only one instance of a file no matter how many duplicates there are. Backup software package has in the past saved every data files even if there was more than one the same. Single instance deduplication one copy of identical files would be saved and all other instances would be maintained as pointers. This keeps a lot of space in the backup storage system. Zac Salter This method also prevents the superfluous backups of multiple operating systems.

With block level data deduplication the files are separated into blocks of data and then compared. Depending on the software solution the blocks to be analyzed can be 4KB up to about 56KB. More space can be saved when equating smaller blocks. There is some negatives to block level deduplication since there is a higher level of processing needed and I/O overhead when backing up. Some programs of this type have configuration settings to adjust performance to provide for faster restores.

Synonymous with the other types of software system byte-level data deduplication compares the current data that it is processing with the bytes that it has checked previously. Byte-level comparisons are extremely precise. Many of these programs are content aware which means the software has the capability to identify the file name, file type and date/time stamp. Comparisons at byte level are resource intensive therefore they are ordinarily done after the backup happens, which is called post processing. Backups happen promptly because they are stored to disk but extra time and backup storage is involved to maintain them while it is being processed. Byte level backups preserve one backup as the master ordinarily the most recent. By keeping one master restore times are substantially bettered.

All venders of remote data backup software packages have their own approach to data deduplication. There are many answers to the problem that are offered up from computer storage devices to software package solutions to total replacements for present backup programs. Remote data backup software packages are able to solve your most serious backup requirements.


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