Wedding Flowers For Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Brides

This year more and more brides are turning to online wholesale flower stores to purchase wedding flowers. With premium prices charged by some floral designers, it is challenging to obtain all the flowers needed for the ceremony and reception, not to mention the bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, under a bride’s budget. But can online wholesalers fulfill a bride’s need?

One of the considerations made when selecting a floral wholesaler is whether all the required flowers are available. Luckily, today’s online flower wholesalers offer a wide variety of fresh cut flowers. Roses, hydrangea, calla lilies, gerberas, rose petals….these represent some of the more popular flowers sold year round to ensure availability for weddings throughout the year. Even seasonal flowers such as tulips can be obtained throughout the year. When shopping for a floral wholesaler, be sure to ask whether all your flowers will be available for your wedding date.

Brides must also consider the investment needed to arrange their flowers. With a recession at stake and many details to consider when preparing a wedding, brides are involving their moms, bridesmaids, grandmothers and aunties to help arrange centerpieces and bouquets for their wedding bo hoa dep. Additionally, many brides are resorting to taking floral arranging classes offered by their local community college. Centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres are very simple to make when following DIY tips and instructions. For those brides with no time and resources to arrange flowers, consider hiring a freelance florist. Even brick and mortar florists will arrange flowers at a discount if flowers are provided.

Finally, here are a few additional items to consider when buying and arranging wholesale flowers for your wedding or event:

o Order your flowers at least one to two months prior to your wedding or event. If you place your order a couple of weeks before your event, it is possible that the flowers you want may not be available, or you may need to pay a premium to obtain your desired colors and varieties

o If your wedding is on Saturday, schedule your flower delivery for Wednesday or Thursday. This will enable the flowers to open nicely and ensure you won’t have last minute delays due to weather or flight cancellations

o Fill a sink or bucket with several inches of filtered warm water to hydrate your flowers. Carefully remove the flower wrapping and stand the flower bunches in the water until you are ready to make the arrangements. Make fresh cuts on all stems before arranging, and under water if possible. This will ensure proper hydration of flowers and radiance for your wedding or event

o If you need a last minute order, a handful of wholesalers can usually have bulk flowers delivered to you within 48 hours depending on the flower variety needed.

o Finally, consider purchasing flower food that will help extend the life of your flowers for use before and after your wedding or event. Some wholesalers may not include floral preservative so it would be wise to purchase some for your flowers.

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